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Michael Mueller Founder at Miniguide
While I had a theoretical understanding of the concepts prior to attending, the experience completely opened my eyes to the power of agile development.
Michael Mueller — Founder - Miniguide

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Nothing is more rewarding for us than seeing you and your teams succeed. That is why we dedicate completely to help our clients develop their full potential at all levels of the organization. Find out how.

High impact interventions

All the impact in a shorter timespan.

We organize high impact interventions that maximize results and save time and headaches down the road.

Effective teams

Motivation, leadership and productivity go hand in hand.

We help your teams develop leadership skills, motivation and productivity to increase overall autonomy and reach better results.

Business agility

We give your business agility from strategy to execution.

We help you improve your response and delivery times, time to market and in general to have happier and more satisfied customers.



9 books on leadership every leader should read

We are often asked, at workshops and talks on leadership, for reference materials that participants can read if they want to dig deeper into the subject. Here are 9 books we recommend on leadership if you are serious about developing your skills or your team’s skills as a leader. We have ordered them in a sequence […]


The family grows

The family grows; Last May Smoking Brains we welcomed Manuel Martin as a new member of the team, welcome, Manu! Manu shares  our passion for Agile , the enthusiasm for work well done and the focus of delivering constant value. With a very interesting background in the world of embedded software, Manu enriching complements the […]


Public speaking: an essential leadership skill

As we work with organizations and teams to help them to improve and collaborate better, we see again and again that one of the cornerstones of these changes is the capacity to communicate effectively and transmit our message with impact. Florian Mueck is dedicating himself to exactly this. He is a public speaking trainer and his main […]

Scytl success case

How to run a large project retrospective

36.510.952 registered voters in Spain and outside and only a few months to make it all happen. In September 2015, Scytl picked up the challenge of supporting the Spanish General Elections that were to take place on December 20th. There was no possibility for mistake. The project had to be carried out and delivered on […]


What are Agile methodologies?

The term “Agile methodologies” or “Agile” is used to refer to a set of working methodologies that stand on 4 fundamental pillars: Results as a measure of progress Collaboration with the client Adaptation to change People These four pillars, together with the principles and values around them, are the ones that make agile methodologies so attractive, independently of the […]


Agile and Traditional peace at PM Camp Barcelona

The echoing halls of the University of Barcelona, founded in 1450, were impressive and invited us to speak in a slightly lower tone that we usually would. Once we passed them though, we arrived to the refreshing view of the interior gardens above which the Project Management unconference, PM CAMP Barcelona, was taking place. For […]

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