The family grows

The family grows; Last May Smoking Brains we welcomed Manuel Martin as a new member of the team, welcome, Manu!

Manu shares  our passion for Agile , the enthusiasm for work well done and the focus of delivering constant value. With a very interesting background in the world of embedded software, Manu enriching complements the team with his experience in the industrial sector. He shares with us a huge interest in communication and language and he joins the family of Smoking Brains eager to provide another point of view keeping the values of the company.

Currently, Manu combines his activity with Smoking Brains with OpenSeneca, where he works as an Agile Coach, also helping manage the healthy growth of the company.

The family expands and we love it:

  • New views are incorporated.
  • Visions are amplified.
  • Comments multiply.
  • New ideas are combined.

We strive to improve our skills and our knowledge, always open to new ideas, while creating a pleasant environment to work in, for us, our clients and our collaborators.