Carlos Sánchez

With more than 12 years in the IT world and quality management linked to the biomedical investigation, the challenges of working with different teams, lead me to the coaching world and management of organizational transformations.

Working in diverse and complex environments, always seeking quality and excellence has made me develop a great passion for helping others and make organizational systems work better. Looking to change and improve our society through the creation of better organizations is one of my goals as a coach.

With this in mind, I help organizations transform themselves into adaptable and resistant systems through Lean, Agile, coaching systems and transformation management principles, values and practices.

My experience in technology, quality, public institutions and biomedical investigation environments, besides the collaborations with artistic, cultural and educational entities have provided me with a holistic vision to a better approach in any context.

And the complementing pieces are my love for the traditional Chinese martial arts, which I’ve been practising for many years, and traditional tea ceremony, a path I walk with calm and joy.

I’m a Kanban Management Professional, Professional Scrum Master, Professional Product Owner and trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC).