Agile coaching and consulting

Agile coaching means using tried-and-true agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban and Extreme Programming (XP) among others, to increase your teams working effectiveness, quality, motivation and productivity.

Our Agile coaches will collaborate with your teams and business stakeholders to improve the way they work. Here are some examples of ways in which our agile coaches would be able to help you and the outcomes you can expect:

Kickstarting your agile

Get a team/organization started with Agile. In this case our coaches take Agile methodologies and help you apply it to your organization’s projects, needs and context. Kick start coaching sessions can be used to help you with the first steps of introducing agile into your organization, through pilot projects, training, or knowledge pills.

Embedded coaching

In this case coaches work alongside teams to mentor and guide the agile transformation. Embedded coaching ensures teams not only get started the right way, but also have continuous guidance from a senior Agile expert to make sure the right Agile “muscles” are developed to minimize frustration and maximize success.

Just in time coaching

Coaching for organizations that require a leaner approach. Coaches are made available for the most critical parts of the agile transformation – typically for the key planning sessions, retrospectives, leadership discussions, and scaling. Remote coaching is also available to fill in any gaps or questions.

Technical coaching

Coaching from expert technical coaches to work through more technical parts of the transformation – Architecture sprints, implementing CI and/or TDD/ATDD, setting up the right DevOps infrastructure, dealing with Technical debt, and beyond.

Full scale adoption

Your organization is facing a full scale transformation and you need help sharing or leading that huge undertaking. In this case we will work side by side with you and any other coaches you already have inside your organization to further develop and support the transformation effort.

Our coaching approach combines specific learning objectives like methodologies, technical and collaboration skills with hands-on coaching and guidance.

A list of common key objectives for a successful Agile adoption project would include:

  • Continuous delivery of value by the teams
  • Learning how to kick off and manage new agile projects
  • Learning effective communication and collaboration skills and tools that the teams can use internally and with the client across organizational boundaries
  • Mastery of agile methodologies and practices
  • Establishing metrics to help guide the improvement process
  • Identifying and remedying negative patterns disrupting agile adoption
  • Developing leadership, motivation and autonomy  inside teams
  • Establishing a continuous improvement mindset in the teams

Our coaches then use your learning objectives to develop a personalized agile engagement plan for you. This approach to coaching has several advantages:

  • Clear learning objectives increase the tangible value of the coaching engagement.
  • When new information arises or your organizational context changes, you can make adjustments to optimize the results you get from the coaching engagement.

As part of our coaching engagement and to ensure you can get the most out of this experience we follow a transparent and collaborative approach that covers the following steps:

  1. Assess team/organization needs: Our agile coaches determine the scope and depth of your team/organization needs: skills, practices, resources, etc.
  2. Engage in a working agreement: With the information gathered during the assessment step, we determine your project timeline and clearly set training and coaching expectations, making sure the goals are aligned to your overall strategy.
  3. Coach and train teams: Besides coaching and training teams. Coaches and stakeholders work side by side to inspect progress and revise the working agreement as needed to pursue new opportunities or to adapt to context changes.
  4. Review teams progress: Our coaches review the outcome with you and discuss next steps.

We look forward to help you adopt agile methodologies.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer them.

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