Agile transformation

A successful agile transformation requires a cultural change in the organization as it evolves to adopt the values that agile methodologies bring to the table. Like any other change effort, it is crucial to pay attention to the process of change as well as the many frictions and obstacles you will find along the way.

Successful transformation efforts usually have the following results:

  • Increased team and individual motivation
  • Increased productivity and quality of work
  • Reduced time to market and product development cycles
  • Increased and improved communication across different levels of the organization and teams

With this service our experts, coaches and trainers will guide your through the transformation process to ensure that you increase your chances of success. They will be helping you, your teams and the whole organization to develop the skills and processes needed to succeed in your agile transformation effort.

Much in the same way that a butterfly goes from egg, to larva, to pupa, to butterfly, an organization evolves while adopting agile methodologies and every stage requires focus on specific needs.

This service adapts to the level of experience with agile your company already has.

For companies looking to do a full rollout, it includes the development, implementation and follow up of a personalized adoption or scaling strategy for your organization/teams.

If your company is already using agile but wants to accelerate its learning and improvement process, a clear assessment and day to day coaching sessions with the teams and other stakeholders in the organizations may be what you need.

If you are just starting, a mix of facilitations and trainings may be enough to get you on the right path.

In any case these trainings and sessions are not only focused on the methodology but also the personal skills needed by key individuals like: effective communication, leadership, public speaking and collaboration.

The period for which this service takes place is variable depending on your needs, ranging from one time interventions to regular sessions.

Whether you are an executive leader developing the strategy to plot or scale an agile adoption, a team leader or manager looking for a specific agile training or coach for your team, if you are interested in getting results this service is for you.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer them.

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