Coach ‘n’ music

The Coach’n’music activity is a team building workshop designed by the musicians and teachers Xavi Canelles and Marc Canelles. It aims to strengthen teamwork using music as a vehicular language.

When is it a good time to use Coach ‘n ‘ music?

Coach’n’music is particularly good to:

  • Build and strengthen teams (Team building)
  • Improve communication
  • Illustrate the simplest way to deliver value
  • Create a shared mindset about the team
  • Building a shared vision of the team
  • Develop leadership
  • Personal and team coaching

How does it work?

Coach’n’music is an activity to be carried out in a rehearsal room, outside the normal working environment.

The team has an hour to play a well-known rock song with real instruments only with the help of the supporting materials. At the end of that time, the improvised rock band has to present the result.

The most interesting part of the activity happens after the first trial, when a retrospective of one hour is performed, where the team and the coaches explore what happened during the session, extract key learnings and how you can extrapolate them to everyday work .

The activity ends with a last half hour where the team practice the improvement points extracted previously and successfully play the song.

During  this activity the team is accompanied by a professional musician and one of our coaches.

This service translates real problems into an unknown environment where people need to deliver something completely new for them , enhancing their ability to:

  • Do great teamwork
  • Deliver real value fast
  • Communicate effectively
  • Brainstorm and problem solve effective solutions


Any team of 5 to 6 participants. This group can be a real team or simply people from the same company. No previous knowledge of music is required.


  • It is an activity that takes place outside the office.
  • It is preferable that the attendees don’t know how play any musical instrument, otherwise they will perform with some instrument they don’t feel comfortable with.
  • The activity lasts about 3 hours total.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer .


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