Effective Collaboration and Personal Responsibility

We talk about effective collaboration when we can observe a continuous and seemless blend of different perspectives and talents supported by high quality interactions.

This dynamic allos us to reach exceptional results and discover powerful and innovative solutions even in most complex situations.

Unfortunately, when collaboration is not receiving enough attention, the resulting lack of alignment can be a terrible waste of time, money, talent and opportunities. Ineffective collaboration can actually give much worse results than if we were just working separately.

And for it to work smoothly, it cannot rely only on a process. The most important part is the willingness of the team members to apply effort and skills to make it work.

The objective of this workshop is to help team members to find their best way of contributing to the team, align their priorities and establish a strong foundation for long term effective collaboration.


At the end of this training, the attendees will learn how to:

  • Reach a higher level of personal engagement
  • Achieve an increased alignment between their actions
  • Make effective collaboration automatic


The training will cover a variety of topics amongst which

  • Defining our best personal contribution
  • Understanding and aligning priorities within the team
  • Capacity to resolve conflicts and reach win-win agreements
  • Taking decisions as a group
  • Establishing long term collaboration habits

To know more about the reasons that prevent your team from collaborating effectively, you can read this article: 4 reasons your team is not collaborating

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