Scrum Master Skills Workshop

The Scrum framework provides a powerful foundation for teams to be able to deliver outstanding results, but even when it is is already in place, we can often hit some sticky points for reasons that have nothing to do with the framework itself. Some recurrent situations can appear and slow down the progress of the team. Situations such as meetings that run for too long without giving tangible results, discussions getting stuck in deadlocks with no decision being taken, lack of tools or methodologies to generate meaningful improvement, etc…

For a team to consistently deliver their best value to the organization, its members need to be able to maintain at all times a smooth and constructive collaboration and an effective mechanism of continuous improvement.

On top of making sure that the framework is applied, another part of the role of the Scrum Master is to help the team to collaborate efficiently and to coach it towards increasingly higher performance levels.

This workshop is directed to people who already have a strong knowledge of the Scrum framework and are fulfilling the role of Scrum Master. It will provide them with a very specific skillset, including competences such as personal and team coaching, group discussions facilitation and the capacity to mediate conflicts and help the group to reach agreements.

Target audience:

This training is directed to key individuals who already have a strong knowledge of the SCRUM framework and whose role will be to assist and coach the teams applying it to ensure an optimal performance.

Depending on the training needs, the content of this workshop can be adapted to also contain information on the Scrum framework itself if it is directed to people who are not yet proficient with it.


A strong understanding of the SCRUM framework.

Having attended the General SCRUM training or a similar training course.


At the end of this training, the attendees will be able to

  • Efficiently assist the team in their daily work through coaching and mentoring
  • Continuously stimulate and guide the team development, engagement and motivation
  • Skillfully moderate team meetings, discussions and delicate situations such as disagreements or conflicts
  • Nurture leadership and responsibility in the team


The training will cover a variety of topics amongst which you can find:

  • Team and individual coaching methodologies
  • Continuous Improvement processes
  • Facilitating key SCRUM meetings and ceremonies
  • Promoting higher levels of ownership and personal responsibilities within the team
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Understanding and managing group dynamics
  • Facilitating group discussions and decision making

If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer them.

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