Scrum Product Owner Training

In the Scrum framework, the teams are not merely focusing on getting work done but actively take responsibility in delivering a maximum of value to the organization. Therefore it is of crucial importance for them to clearly understand the needs of the stakeholders to be able to suggest creative solutions and enhance the quality of their contribution.

The Product Owner has the strategic role of being the connecting point between the stakeholders and the team. His responsibilities involve understanding the specific needs of all implicated stakeholders and create a vision that would cover all of them and at the same time provide a clear direction to the team’s efforts. He is also responsible for managing the evolution of the project through precise prioritization and planning of the various phases of the product release.

These tasks require very specific skills such as the capacity to negotiate with all implicated parties to reach agreements, to communicate clearly and swiftly resolve misunderstandings, to plan and estimate efficiently the time and effort necessary to deliver each part of the project, to be able to quickly adjust to changing circumstances.

Target audience:

This training is directed to key individuals who will be the interface between the various stakeholders of a project and the team that will be developing the desired product.


A strong understanding of the SCRUM framework.

Having attended the General SCRUM training or a similar training course.


At the end of this training, the attendees will be able to

  • Skillfully prioritize and plan the phases of the project
  • Efficiently communicate with the stakeholders and the teams
  • Empower the team members to contribute ideas and collaborate to their full potential
  • Proactively predict and adapt to project evolution


This training will cover a variety of topics amongst which

  • Effective Backlog management
  • Efficient creation of User stories
  • Methodologies for Release planning
  • Prioritization techniques for maximum value delivery
  • Negotiation and communication skills to facilitate communication between the stakeholders and the teams
  • Principles and application of Servant leadership in order to encourage the team to take more ownership and deliver their full potential

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