Tests Driven Development Workshop (TDD)


Over the past two decades Test Driven Development (TDD) have helped many teams to significantly improve development speed, product quality and responsiveness to changing requirements.

This Workshop offers a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to TDD that enables you and your teams to learn the necessary skills to do TDD in your projects.


Participants must have an understanding of Object Oriented Programming as well as understand and write code in some programming language. Sample code will be written in some of the following programming languages: Java, C#, Ruby or JavaScript.

Intended audience:

This workshop is aimed at programmers, architects, and those for whom programming is a large part of their daily work, and who want to improve the quality of their code as well as getting to know the latest software development trends in the industry.

It is also valuable for project managers or CTOs that want their teams to:

  • Bake quality into their software products from the start
  • Create a safety net to prevent regressions and bugs
  • Reduce waste in their programming efforts
  • Create software that is easy to maintain and evolve


This is a hands-on, practical two days workshop where participants will learn essential test-first skills via short explanations, group discussions and exercises. We will explore the foundations of TDD, unit testing and related agile practices. The skills and knowledge you will learn will be up to date with the latest tools and ideas from the best practitioners in the software development community.

Some of the contents we will be seeing include:

  • The Fundamentals of TDD
  • Evolve software design with refactoring and TDD
  • Use executable specifications to drive development
  • Protect software from unwanted changes using regression tests
  • How to tests difficult dependencies (databases, external services, …)
  • Metrics for TDD
  • Apply best practices and avoid pitfalls

Upon completion of this workshop you will understand the principles of TDD, how to build quality into software from the start, how to design and develop systems that fit their purpose and write code that is easy to maintain and evolve.

We look forward to help you adopt and develop TDD practices inside your organization.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer them.

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